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Bibimbap Recipe

Filipino Style Bibimbap
This is probably one of the most popular Korean dish that is well,being loved by Filipinos. I always see this dish in some episodes of Korean dramas/movies, and Korean actors-actresses eat it like it's the most delicious thing ever.(K-drama addicts can testify to that lol). They usually eat it in a big bowl and devour it with so much loved. I remembered the first time I tried bibimbap (4yrs ago) was in SM Food Court stall Mr.Kimbob, as soon as I saw it I was like,"I need to eat that , I need to order that asap", based on my own experienced as a Korean drama fanatic,  anything and everything about Koreans makes you want to try everything that's related to them. 

Anyways, What is Bibimbap? Bibimbap (비빔밥) is a Rice mixed with vegetables, meat, an egg, and chili pepper paste. It's really delicious and healthy, and I find it very easy to make. There are many variations to this dish , so you can actually add you're preferred vegetables, but this is how I make mine , I like how balanced the flavors and the colours of the vegetables and meat. So now, I'll be sharing with you all on how I make my homemade Filipino Style Bibimbap.

Here's what you need for the meat (marinade)
Soy Sauce
Honey or sugar
McCormick Black Peppermill
Goodlife Sesame Oil
(Mix all of it then add to the ground beef)
Here's the ground beef (marinated)
Sauté cook for 10-12mins.
Prepare and sliced vegetables
Cucumber,Carrots,Chayote,Spring onion,Mushroom
Sauté separately each vegetable with butter

Add rice in the bowl and arrange the cooked vegetables

Add in some Ajumma Republic Kimchi Seasoning in the middle part

Fry one egg and served it with my favorite seasoned seaweed
Mixed and Enjoy!

Bought my seasoned seaweed +Shopee Philippines famuleigrocery for Php55-3packs.

Bought my Ajumma Republic Kimchi Seasoning @Sm Supermarket's Imported Goods.


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